Fall 2020

  • September 2020: Rachael, Kevin, Brad, and Julianna were awarded the 2020 Ephraim Garcia Best Paper Award and the 2020 ASME Best Paper Award in Active Material Technology and Integrated Systems at the 2020 ASME SMASIS Conference. Congratulations to this interdisciplinary team!
  • September 2020: The team worked hard to prepare six talks for the 2020 ASME SMASIS Conference. Great job everyone!
    • Rachael presented "Design & Experimental Investigation of Mechanical Actuator Fabrics Composed of Torque Unbalanced SMA Yarns"
    • Charles shared a "Semi-Analytical Model of Superelastic Twist Inserted NiTi Microfilament Yarns"
    • Henry discussed a "Preliminary Exploration of Auxetic Superelastic Knitted Structures"
    • Atharva outlined "Kinematic Synthesis of Shape Memory Alloy Knitted Programmable Structures"
    • Rachael introduced "Preliminary Investigation of the Design of a Mechanically Antagonistic, Actuating Countermeasure Garment for Astronauts Post-Spaceflight"
    • Charles highlighted an "Experimental Investigation of NiTi Microfilament Over-twisted Coiled Yarns"
  • September 2020: DAMSL welcomes a ME undergraduate senior design team that will design a bi-axial and shearing mechanical characterization setup for active textiles.

Summer 2020

  • August 2020: Rachael's paper "Preliminary Investigation of the Design of a Mechanically Antagonistic, Actuating Countermeasure Garment" was accepted for inclusion in the proceedings of the 2020 International Conference on Environmental Systems (ICES)
  • July 2020: Kevin successfully defended his Ph.D. dissertation in Mechanical Engineering.  Excellent job, Dr. Eschen!
  • July 2020: Julianna was awarded an NSF CAREER Award for her proposal "Design and Processing of Multifunctional Shape Memory Alloy Microfiber Yarns and Textiles with Tailorable Mechanical Performance"